About Pure iPOS -Restaurant POS Software

Over the past few years, the Pure iPos has become a synonym for smart, simple and extraordinary restaurant system.

Our goal is simple- make hospitality easy!

We conducted extensive research on the workings of the restaurant industry and then only started coding the affordable system of Pure iPos. Our core focus was on one thing- to make restaurant operation easier and much more hassle-free.

Our solutions are broadly focus on 3 verticals

  1. Menu Ordering

  2. Kitchen Management System

  3. The Point of Sale

Unlike most Restaurant POS Software, Pure iPos is built exclusively for restaurants on a powerful and affordable cloud-based platform. Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and enterprise franchises nationwide are switching to us because our restaurant software Pure iPos is simply a better way to do business.

As of 2017, we're one of the fastest growing providers of hospitality solutions all over the globe. And we aren't stopping there; our passionate team of techno freaks keeps up keeps with the latest technology by continually identifying the latest trends, giving us a distinct advantage over the competition. We put maximum efforts and resources towards research and development, enabling us to constantly keep all our solutions in forefronts of innovation.