10 Tips To Spice Up Your Restaurants' Social Media Content

Social media is one of the most influential marketing tools now. It not only helps in spreading the word about your restaurant business but also improves your restaurants' online visibility. But alas! The users of the social media are fickle, and you need to put up new diverse content every day to keep them engaged with your brand. Though it sounds daunting and complicated, it actually easy to spice up your social media content just like your fancy restaurant menus.

Here are a few ideas to keep your social media posts exciting and shareable.

1. Picture-based social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be used splendidly by your restaurants. Share pictures of your mouth-watering dishes and your pleasing ambiance.


2. Special tips concerning the food you serve or surprising health benefits of the ingredients can be shared. It will make your posts informative and generate shares.


3. Share a recipe of something from your menu. Show them the efforts which are to be put in a special dish. Urge them to try it at home and or simply skip the hassle and order it from you.


4. Share your guest reviews on the social media. Let the world hear all the great words people are saying about your food and services. Display it online.

5. Share your blog posts and articles on the social media. This helps your blogs and articles reach a bigger audience and increases traffic on your own website.


6. Your staff is a valuable asset. It is their team efforts that make your hotel staff so successful. You can feature them in a post and note their achievements. Show others that you value your staff.

7. If your restaurant is doing something for the community or the environment, then you might as well share it out social media. Your followers will be pleased that you are not just a profit-churning machine, and will most likely share your posts or even join you to help.


8. Social media is also the perfect place to unveil a new feature of your restaurant. It could be your new dining arrangements or the new hi-tech technology you installed. Give the users a sneak peek via the social media, arouse their curiosity.


9. Video tours anyone? Put up amazing videos of your restaurant, invite them in for a virtual tour. Show your delicious food being cooked, or post a cooking video. Grap a smartphone or camera, let the videos get rolling!

10. Social media can even be used to boost sales as well. Held small contests on social media and give away coupons and discount codes as rewards. Are you serving a special menu for festivals? Spread the word on the internet!


There a few ways you can provide variation for your social media content. Remember social media is constantly evolving, you never know what may go viral and when. So be on a lookout for the trends, experiment with your posts, add a dash of humor and your social media strategy is good to go!

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