5 Effortless Ways to Save Money Using a Restaurant POS

If you are running a business, you need to have a concrete hold over your finances.

A restaurant business thrives on similar principles like all other successful business ventures. You have to pay attention to where your money is going.

A lot of money is squandered in restaurants in form of food wastes, slow services and miscommunication between staff members. If restaurants keep a tab on these activities, they can save a considerable amount of money.

Read on to learn how you can save money by using POS software for your restaurant:

5 Effortless Ways to Save Money Using a Restaurant POS

1. Cutting down Food Waste

Up to 15% of your restaurant's inventory goes to trash cans due to lack of proper inventory management.

Using a Restaurant Management POS software you can manage your restaurant's inventory in such a way that each and every item is utilized to its optimum potential.

You can monitor the arrival of your stock, keep track of their expiry dates and even get detailed reports about the usage of your inventory.

Replenishing your inventory is a piece of cake with a POS system. You can set levels for each item in your restaurants. If any item's quantity goes down beyond the set level, the system sets notifications to you.

This way you don't run the risk of overstocking or understocking your restaurant inventory.

This way you cut down your inventory waste and save more money.

2. Reducing Labor Cost

There are many tasks in the restaurant which are to be performed day in day out.

It can be managing the billing operations and offering the best guest experience to your customers.

Restaurants also have to manage their menu and its prices properly. The staff also to keep managing various orders from your guests with ease along with offering speedy services.

You can cut down the time spent on these tasks by half if you use a POS system.

You can use your POS system to take orders. The POS can generate accurate bills. You can even split, merge and void bills easily with a POS.

The process can be even more streamlined if you integrate your POS system with a Kitchen Display system. If you do so, your kitchen display system will be updated in real time and your orders will be ready as quickly as possible.

You can manage all your services effectively with even a less number of staff members. The systems let you manage all your orders with ease: deliveries, dine in and even takeaways.

These management features save the labor cost and also increase your staff members productive hours.

3. Increasing Table Turnover

Your tables in the restaurant are your assets. How many tables can be served at a time and the table turnover rates is a determining factor in the restaurant's success.
If you use a POS system to take orders, you save the time for your guests as well as your staff. The orders are immediately updated in the kitchen on the kitchen display system. This ensures that your chefs start working on the orders as soon as they are placed.

The orders sent are also accurate without any miscommunication between the waiting staff and the kitchen staff.

Proper orders are made, cutting down any food waste that could have to happen when wrong orders are made.

Thus the meals are served quickly, which makes your guests happy along with increasing your table turnover.

4. Boosting Loyalty

A restaurant POS system can save all your guest history with ease. Whenever a customer returns to your store, all you have to do is a few clicks and you will have their dining history at your disposal.
This lets you give personalized services to your guests. Your POS system can save their food preference, it can also remember if the guest has any sort of food allergies. It can give you a list of their preferred dishes and even their preferred mode of payments or their favorite table.

This information allows you to tailor a personalized experience for your guest. It makes your guests pleased and valued.

Valued customers are the ones who become loyal ones.

A Restaurant POS System can also help you with targeting the offers to the customers who will most appreciate them. It will also notify y you about their birthdays and anniversaries dates so that you can send them wishes ( along with promotional discounts) and invite them to your restaurants.

This goes a long way in building healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with your guests.

5. Going Green

Using a cloud-based Software for your restaurant is not only good for you but also for the environment.

If you take all the orders on the systems you will save a lot of paper which goes in taking orders manually.

You can generate e-bills to save printing costs and paper. ( You can easily print them if your guests require them)

If you reduce the food wastage to help the environment one way or the other and even reduce the carbon footprints of your business.

All this will help you cut down the unnecessary expenses of your restaurant thus saving money for you.

Restaurant Management System

A cloud-based Restaurant POS system which generates higher revenues and makes managing the restaurant POS is the best choice for your business. Pure ITES offers you a comprehensive cloud-based hospitality solution for your restaurant consisting of a Restaurant POS system, Kitchen Display System, Digital Menu and Online Ordering Systems. Contact us today to get a free demo of our services.

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