Be a Holiday-Ready Restaurant with these Exciting Ideas

When you want to attract large holiday sales for your restaurant, marketing and advertising alone won't be enough. You have to make sure that your restaurant and your staff are competent enough to function well during the peak season. Especially during these times, chances are there will be a huge rush and frantic activity in your restaurant. More chances of delays and misunderstanding. This will leave guests feeling disappointed, and you might lose future business as well.

Plan ahead for the holidays and Save yourself from such restaurant nightmares with these fail-safe ideas.

Be Holiday Restaurant

1. Have A Plan In Place

Specific pre-planning will save your time, resources as well as money. So before you make any changes to your restaurant menu or settings, have a look at your restaurants™ analytics. Most Restaurant POS systems come with an in-built reporting system. Utilize that data to predict the demands of your guests during the holidays and gather your resources accordingly. Collect all your required stock and inventory well before time, so you don't run out of them when the demand is soaring high. Make sure of robust stock and inventory management which keeps you updated with the status of your stocks and inventory. Delicious food is a restaurant's prime selling factor, make sure you offer your guests the best you can and on time.

2. Add The Holiday Colors to Your Locations

Holidays are different from the regular days. So the setting has to be festive, fun and welcoming as well. Enhance your restaurant with festival appropriate decorations. Consider changing the layout of your restaurant and splashing up colors in your settings. You can also add more tables to cater to more guests and make arrangements so guests can wait conveniently if the tables are not free. It could be sofas or anything that could entertain your guests. You want to keep the guests coming to your restaurant.

3. Get A Few More Helping Hands

If you know you will need more people to provide excellent services during the festivals, then hire some seasonal staff as well. Festivals are also times when a few of your staff members may need a day off or two. Be pro-active to deal with such scenarios. Pitch in help. It will also be wonderful if you get all your appliances and in-house facilities maintained well in advance. You don't want anything to go down during your peak hours. Get all your systems checked and upgraded as well. Cloud-based Restaurant Management systems are very flexible in this case. They can easily handle the increased sales, and you pay for only what you use, on the go.

4. Encourage Takeaways And Online Ordering

Up to 37% of restaurants offer to take away and online ordering services through their own restaurant websites and delivery apps. If you don'™t have the means to offer this services, you better invest in them right now. Takeaways and online orders will contribute to your restaurant's revenue without hogging the restaurants' space during the peak hours when are aiming for an enhanced table-turner ratio. You can also raise your table turner ratio with the help of a POS system. A POS system which integrates seamlessly and works on all device screens can double the speed of your services by manifold. It can help you take orders, modify them, manage the billings and even store the guest data for future reference. Get it before it is too late.

œOnline food orders are about 25% larger than the orders taken by phone calls.

5. Streamline Communication

Miscommunication can cost you a tremendous amount of money. Everything may be pretty and perfect in your restaurant, but if your staff isn'™t able to communicate properly and in time during the hot sales hours and days, you will lose business and gain bad reviews online will curb your future sales. Nobody wants it. So while there is still time, automate all things that can be automated. Integrate you POS systems with Kitchen display system, online ordering systems, your digital menus and even printers in case you need it. Streamlined Communication in your restaurant will bring up the speed of your services. This way all your restaurant management tools will be updated in real time and all your employees will be on one page. Also train your staff well in advance to handle all types of possible situations that may occur.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
-Alan Lakein

If you take care of these few vital elements, the cash will come pouring in your restaurants these holiday seasons. Plan your holiday strategies with Pure ITES. From POS systems to mobile applications- we cover it all for you. Do you want to market like a pro- we are here to ease your digital marketing burden as well. Promote your restaurant and get huge sales with us. We make the restaurant business better.

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