Celebrate Massive Restaurant Sales This Festive Season

The holiday season is almost here! You will be soon pulling out extra chairs for all the people coming out to spend the holidays with you. With so many people excited to spend time with loved ones and celebrate while savoring delicious mouth-watering dishes with a drink or two, as a restaurant owner you sure will love to cash in more sales and join the celebrations.

Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the festive season to make more sales.

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1. Focus On Your Regular Customers First.

Retaining old customers cost us up to 5 times less than acquiring new ones. So let your holiday campaigns begin with your existing customers. Send out special coupons and limited time festive offers to them. You can host events to invite all people to celebrate their best times with you. You can design multiple menus to keep the guests interested week after week. You can also collaborate with other people to come up with entertaining parties. Holidays are also brilliant times to host events where you donate a part of your earnings to the less fortunate ones. You can employ all these ideas in your restaurant for a limited number of days to keep things fresh and exciting.

2. Offer Multiple Services To Sell More.

Do you know the customers who come back every day, to eat the same food, at the same time, whole the year? Neither do we. We humans need variety. We like a bit of spice in our lives. No matter how delicious, we don'™t buy the same food day in day out. So keep your holiday menu hot and happening. Offer takeaway services for people who will be too busy for in-house dinners. Offer online ordering services for people so that they can order food from the comforts of their own homes and offices. Because who doesn'™t love food delivery? Festivals and holidays are also a great time to make the most of your banquet halls. Whatever you do, offer multiple services to have multiple sources of incomes for your restaurants.

69% of consumers consider ordering online the most important aspect of restaurant technology.

3. Acquire New Customers And Keep Them.

New customers are good for business. The more new ones you have, the more chances to have to turn them into loyal ones. Participate in events which help to promote your restaurants. Let the words about your restaurant reach different types of areas and people. To keep the customers coming back to you, you can offer a first-time diner coupon at the end of the meal so that they are inspired to come back to redeem their coupon. But the best tactic of all will be a world-class guest experience.

4. Tap In The Power Of Upselling.

Once your guests are happily seated in their restaurants, you try upselling your services. Your staff can play a huge role here. Your staff can suggest your restaurants™ popular items or tell them about the day's or season's special menu. If you have a POS system which stores all your guests' history, you can also offer personalized and customized suggestions for them.

60% of guests say yes to the upsells when offered by the servers.

5. Raise Your Table Turnover Rate.

Raising your sales involve making the most out of your restaurant resources. Your tables are one of your most important assets. During the holidays and festivals, the footfall of your restaurant will be more than usual. You have to take measures to increase your table-turnover rate. Assign servers immediately, so guests don'™t have to wait. Invest in a POS system which integrates seamlessly with a Kitchen Display System so that the orders are updated in the kitchen instantly. Make use of on table tablets and devices to make quick payments. Quick services will be appreciated by your guests and add to the cash in your pockets.

These times are all about world-class guest experiences and quick services. Make sure to invest in advanced restaurant management tools well before the holidays arrive to make the most of them. At Pure ITES, we offer cloud-based Restaurant POS System along with Online ordering systems and Kitchen Display system. Do you want to go bold with Digital Menu this season? We take care of it as well. Contact us to know more about making tremendous progress with your restaurant.

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