Cloud-Kitchen: A successful Restaurant Business Startup

The rise of competition and the cost and availability of restaurant space had inspired many restaurant owners to look beyond the usual ways of doing business in the food and beverage industry. Cloud-kitchens have become a convenient option for people who are looking to set themselves in the industry in a different light.

Cloud-kitchen are food-outlets which provide food services excluding the table services. Primarily the cloud-kitchen fulfill orders which are made online on their website and other food ordering channels like Swiggy, Food panda, and Zomato.

Cloud-kitchens are gaining popularity because of the convenience it offers to people interested in the food business. Cloud-kitchens require less space than a traditional restaurant. It also requires fewer people to make it function smoothly. It also requires less upfront investment. All in all, cloud-kitchens are profitable business ventures.

As more and more people are opening up and enjoying the online ordering services, the market is set for blooming cloud-kitchens. People have absolutely no time to drive to the restaurants to grab a fancy meal and why even bother when you can order something amazing to be delivered at your doorsteps within a few clicks. Cloud-kitchens also offer a better quality of food as they only have to focus on the food and not other services like dining arrangements, decorations, and ambiance.

The millennial are dependent on technology and online ordering is convenient and quick option for many. It also works well when you want to offer seasonal services.

Cloud Kitchen A successful Restaurant Business Startup

How can you set up a cloud kitchen?

For launching a cloud-kitchen you can pick a location which is ideally located so that you can deliver quick services to areas around you. You only need a kitchen working space. You don’t have to worry about parking space or seating arrangements. Due to this, you will get better options and pocket-friendly prices.

Make Friends with Restaurant Technology.

Cloud Kitchens’ success largely depends on the use of technology for offering quick services. To ensure that your cloud-kitchen functions smoothly you need to invest in an advanced restaurant POS system. A POS system will take care of all your vital operations like billing, inventory and stock management. It also comes equipped with guest history so you can have access to your customers’ food preferences any day you want. A POS system also comes with inbuilt reports and analytics which will help you track your progress since day one.

Another important tool to have in your cloud-kitchen is a Kitchen Display system. Kitchen display systems make your kitchen 10 times more productive. All the orders are displayed in the kitchen immediately so that your staff can begin working on them immediately. Kitchen Display systems save time, resources and allow you to offer swift services. Kitchen display systems will also boost your revenues.

Your own website will also do wonders for your business; have an attractive website in place so that people can order food directly from you instead of other food channels. If you can, provide dedicated mobile apps for ordering as well. Most online food orders are made by using the mobile phones these days. Make sure to cover the mobile market as well.

Another must-have will be an attractive digital menu. If you sell it online, you have to make it eye-catching and enticing or you will miss out on some huge business opportunities.

Online ordering channels should be your prime concern. They will get you most orders. Go for a reliable online ordering system to make the most of your cloud kitchen.

Integration is the key.

When you gather all these tools, make sure all of them integrate with each other seamlessly. Integration will improve the efficiency of your kitchen by tenfold as you will get instant real time updates over all your systems. Once an order is placed on any platform, it will be immediately updated in the POS system and the Kitchen display systems. Communication within your staff will also improve if you use a POS with smooth integration facilities.

Cloud kitchens are blooming now, and they will continue to grow further in the coming days. If you are looking for the adept restaurant tools, look no further. We at Pure ITES provide you a complete suite of Cloud-based Restaurant Management Software. We offer a Restaurant POS system, Kitchen Display System, Digital Menu and Online Ordering systems and apps. Get in touch to seize this exciting business opportunity now.

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