Digital Menu For Restaurants - Save Your Time And Money Instantly

From traditional accounting to billing operations, technology has simplified and improved almost all types of business operations. It has also made its impact on the restaurant industry in form of cloud-based POS systems, Kitchen display systems, and online ordering systems. Nowadays digital menus are replacing traditional menus in almost all the developing restaurants. Digital menus are not only impressive to look at, but they also streamline the entire ordering process and increase the productivity of the restaurants.

Here are a few reasons why a digital menu must be picked over a traditional menu.

digital menu vs traditional menu

1. It's eye-catching and impressive.

Traditional menus are printed on a material which can suffer elemental damage with them. Also, there are fewer options to make it attractive and appealing for the guests. At most, you can do it make it colorful and enhance it with pictures. It also poses issues like space-availability on the menu and the hefty making charges.

A digital menu, on the other hand, is dynamic. You can add high-quality pictures and videos of your dishes to capture your guests attention. Plus HD screens will create a whole new level of ordering experience for your guests by appealing to their other senses before their taste buds.

2. It can be easily modified.

As we all know traditional paper menus are static. They cannot be changed frequently. If there are any changes in the menu, be it prices or items, they have to be made manually, which often spoils the look of the original menu. Printing out new menus on a regular basis isn'™t cost-effective.

That'™s not the case with digital menus. They are so flexible that you can have different menus for special events, days and even hours! You can quickly add or remove items from your menu with a few clicks. You can customize your prices as per the market hikes. It doesn't cost you a single penny to make these changes in a digital menu, and you get the opportunity to offer your guest with spiced-up and updated menus every day.

3. It helps you offer personalized menus for your guests.

Traditional menus are very vague and general. They go for a one-size-fits-all kinda approach. If the guests want any changes in the items, he has to address the waiter with specific requests. This process is a bit unreliable and people may not get what they exactly wanted due to miscommunication between the restaurant staff.( Because the guest is always right). Such errors could prove fatal if it involves allergic foods or lactose intolerance types of modifications.

You can avoid such mishaps with a Digital restaurant menu. Your waiter or your guests only have to make a few clicks to customize their desired items as per their requirements. Also, your digital menus can easily remember your guests and they can bring in an array of favorite items on the menu for your loyal guests. Their allergies or food preferences will also be saves so each time they take up the menu, they see it crafted in alignment with their personal food habits and preferences. With one click, your guests can have the entire menu in their preferred languages. What a brilliant way to make your guests feel valued and cherished!

4. It offers you greater upselling opportunities.

When it comes to traditional menus, your upselling opportunities are scarce. You have to remind your staff you mention upsells to every guest who arrives at your tables. While this method may be effective but it has many limitations. For instance, it is difficult for waiters to keep mentioning upsells to all the guests during peak hours. If their tone isn't right, they might be taken as pushy. It could turn your guests off.

There are no such limitations with a digital menu!

You can offer exciting packaged deals and offers as the browse your menu. You can even offer special daily items or combo meals. You can give recommendations based on their food preferences or bring in the time of the day offers to boost sales. With a digital menu, you can upsell at every step of your guest'™s dining journey without compromising the productivity of your staff.

5. It offers you seamless integration

Traditional menus are very time-consuming this way. The waiter has to take orders, pass them to the kitchen, the bills are paid when the waiter gets time. The table turning rate is low.

The scenario is completely different from the digital menu. It can be seamlessly integrated with all your restaurant management systems. Once the orders are taken in the digital menu, they have immediately updated in the kitchen display system so the order is ready as quickly as possible and without and communication issues. The POS system is also updated in real time so that the billing processes are also streamlined. You can also integrate your digital menu to feedback systems so that you can collect reviews instantly from your guests after they finish their billings. Real-time updates for all your restaurant operations to ease your work and please your guests.

The digital menus are pocket-friendly and you can also give your share to the earth by promoting going green environment by going paperless. Also, it gives you accurate data which can help you get an accurate analysis of your menu. It will be very easy to find which items are your restaurant's most popular ones and which ones need tweaking.

If you would like to reap all the benefits that a digital menu can give you, Pure ITES is the right choice for you. We offer Pure iMenu which is a world-class digital menu system which completely transforms the way you utilize your menu. We take care of all your technical needs. Reach out to Pure ITES for cloud-based restaurant management solutions. Go green, go digital.

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