Ease Of Managing Multiple Restaurants With Cloud POS System

Owning a restaurant and running it successfully isn't an easy feat. And running multiple restaurants is a herculean task in itself. Being present at all your restaurants at the same time isn't possible as of yet. But there's something that will let you manage multiple restaurants together from a single dashboard. At that is a POS system.

Here's how a restaurant POS system will ease out managing your multiple restaurants.

Manage restaurant chains

Access it from any location you want

A cloud-based Restaurant POS system allows you to manage your multiple restaurants on a single dashboard. It lets you be in complete control of your entire business, no matter what you are. All the restaurants' data is stored in the cloud so that you can easily access it from anywhere you want. It can easily be obtained in all types of device screens be it a laptop or your own smartphone!

Manage your Restaurants Menus Centrally

An all-around and appealing Menu Management encourages you to make a lasting impression on your guests. You can without much of a stretch make numerous menus with a Restaurant POS system. You can create multiple menus for your different restaurants on a single point dashboard. They can be designed in multiple languages as well as updated with special rates and taxes as per the location or country of your restaurants. You can also regulate the size and servings of the dishes in your restaurants. Or allow modifiers which are relevant in different locations. No matter how diverse or geographically apart your restaurants are, you can centrally manage all the menus efficiently.

Oversee your entire Inventory Management efficiently

Inventory Mangement is among the most important tasks in the restaurant management. You get real-time updates from all your restaurants so you have an accurate idea of the inventory being used in specific restaurants.
You can see real-time stock updates of your hotel. You can set stock limits so that you know which of your restaurants need replenishment and when. It lets you track your inventory with ease so that you have a fair idea of how your resources are being used. And which restaurant is using them to their best potential.

Manage your billing and Sales centrally

You can have a bird's eye view of all your restaurants billing operations together on a single point dashboard so that you have a complete idea about the sales and billing operations of your restaurants. You can also print invoices in multiple currencies and multiple languages for your different restaurants. No matter which language or currency you need, a Restaurant POS system has your back.

A cloud-based Restaurant POS system does all this with an ease that you can always stay at the top of your restaurant management. It also provides with detailed reports and analytics of all your restaurants so that you know which of your restaurants is bringing you maximum revenues and which one needs to be improved upon. If you want to manage your restaurant chains without any hassle, try Pure iPOS which is a POS system build exclusively with the requirements of restaurants in mind.

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