Feedback: What good does it do for your Restaurant?

The Restaurant business is all about keeping your guests delighted and pleased with your services. Guest satisfaction is the key to keep your business thriving. But in these fast-paced times where competition is growing at an alarming rate, you can't keep doing things the same old ways day in day out. And you also can'™t change things suddenly, without knowing whether your guests will appreciate the new changes or disapprove of them. Data and reports can provide you with valuable insight, but they cannot replace human feedback. A plan or change may look perfect on the paper, but the results may be different on implementation. In order to test the waters well and put your best foot out in business, you have to listen to your customers. You have to know their requirements so that you can fulfill them.

Here Are 5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Collect Feedback For Your Restaurant.

1. You can save yourself from nasty online reviews

Once your guests finish their meals and you request them to offer their valuable feedback they are likely to share their experiences with you. If the experience is positive, they will be looking forward to enjoying your services again. You can appreciate your staff for providing such excellent services. If the feedback is negative, then you can immediately address the issue. This ensures that the guest shares the issues with you and you can promptly rectify it. This way you can ensure that all the guests who visit your restaurants leave with satisfaction and share the issues with you first instead of venting it out on social media.

2. Improve the quality of your products and services

Feedbacks are a great way to know how your products and services are faring with your guests. Ask specific questions about the quality of your food and your services. You can also have useful insights about the food habits of your regular guests or what they prefer most about your restaurants. You can also keep a tap on the consistency of the quality of your services. Instant feedback from the guests will give the opportunity to spot any shortcoming in your services immediately. This will go a long way in building yourself as a reliable brand.

3. Build Customer Interaction and Guest Engagement

Ultimately your guests are the people who are essential for the growth of your business. Before implementing any new change in your restaurants, you can always ask your guests' feedback. It could be anything- a new technology, special additions to the menu, the timings of happy hours- everything that involves the betterment of your restaurant. This will not only give you valuable insight to bring the required changes but it will also make your customers feel that you care about their opinions and they will feel valued. And we all know, valued guests are loyal guests.

4. Encourage Guest Loyalty and Boost Sales

Taking regular feedback will not only build your customer engagement, it will also boost sales. This can be done by offering incentives to your guests to provide their feedback. It could be special coupon codes or a discount on the next visit. It could also be reward points. This will encourage your guests to give their feedback and also prompt their next visit. A sure-fire way to promote guest loyalty and repeat visits.

Feedbacks also help you prepare yourself better for the trends and changes coming in the market. They also help you to stay ahead of your competition. Pure iEcho is a feedback system which can be integrated systemless with your restaurant POS & Hotel Management System. This allows you to collect instant feedback from your guests and store the valuable data in the cloud for future references. Invest in a feedback system now, and strengthen yourself as a brand.

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