Fuzz-free Online Food Ordering For the Millennial

With $ 200 Billion buying Power, Millennials are everyone'™s favorite target market.As they like convenience and speed and instant gratification, Online food ordering has become very popular with the millennials.

Try out these tips to make your online food delivery an instant hit with the millennials:

1. Start with your Restaurant Website.

If you don't have a restaurant website already, it is high time that you get it immediately and make it as user-friendly as possible.

In the last six months, up to 92% of people have searched for a restaurant online.

The design has to be simple and attractive. Nothing sells better than a website which looks pleasing to the eyes and easy on the mind.

59% Millennials review restaurant menu online.

Integrate an Online ordering system on your website to get direct online orders for your restaurant.

Don't forget to have a pace for showcasing reviews on your restaurant website. They make you seem more reliable.

2. Go mobile for more Business.

Millennials check their mobile phones at least 43 times a day. So if you want to capture their attention, reach their mobile phones.

The first step would be to ensure that your site loads quickly and is mobile responsive for all types of device screens. Dedicated online ordering applications are also popular with the tech-savvy generation. If you can give mobile loyalty programs for your restaurant, then that would be the cherry on the top.

It will also boost your business if you can offer mobile payment options. Millennials like to do practically everything with their smartphones.

3. Make them hungry using Social Media.

I know they have got a bad rep about this, but most of the millennials are social media addicts. Good news is, you can take your business there.

Facebook ads can help bring a lot many online orders for you. Pictures Based Social Media Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest bring in a lot of traffic for you, as well as increase your online visibility.

If you can inspire your customers to share the pictures of their orders online on the social media, you will also add to the user-generated Content related to your online store.

4. Personalize the orders

You might think there is little to no opportunity for giving your audience an amazing guest experience when they order online.

On contrary, there are many ways you can personalize your service for the millennials. Offer them offs on first few orders or give a little extra.

Ask for their personal preferences and take note of any special changes they need. Specifically, ask for any aversion or allergies.

Taking care of your their food preferences will inspire them to become loyal to your restaurant.

5. They love Speed

Be quick about everything if you want their attention. Your website has to load quickly, your checkout process has to be fast.

Most of all, you have to deliver the food quickly. If they wanted to wait, they would have gone to a restaurant.

Don'™t let the speed compromise with the quality of your food. Millennials are known to be picky with their food.

Offer quality service with a value for their money and quick, streamlined service.

If you want an online ordering system for your website and also want to amass a lot of business by using online food ordering channels, Tabinsta is the tool for you. If you want a complete restaurant management solution for your restaurant, try Pure iPOS to get a holistic growth of your restaurant. Cloud-based restaurants are the need of the hour.

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