Game-Changing Restaurant Technology For 2019

The new year is just around the corner, and we are all gearing up to wrap up this year and welcome the upcoming year for the restaurant business.

After all, the new year also brings a boost in the restaurant revenues along with adding experiences to our lives.

If we have to step into the new year soon, we might as well do with the best of technology at our hands. Any business that doesn't join hands with the technological progressions soon isn't going to exist in the forthcoming years.
Up to 95% of Restaurant Owners believe that technology makes their restaurant more efficient and productive.

Here's a list of Power-Packed Restaurant Management Tools which you must have in 2019:


1.Cloud-based Restaurant POS

You have to be living under a rock if you don't have a Cloud-based Restaurant POS system in your restaurant management tools already.

But it's never late to make amends! A cloud-based POS system gives you many special perks like flexibility, an array of user-friendly features and the cost-effectiveness which comes with it.

Simplify and streamline your restaurant management with a cloud-based POS system.

2. Customer Management System.

Great customer service is what makes a business become successful while happy customers are what makes a business stay successful.

A restaurant must invest in robust Customer Management System which stores all the necessary data, helps with sending promotional emails and messages for all types of events like festivals or birthdays.

A comprehensive guest management system also keeps track of the guest's favorite dishes, frequent orders or personalization requests.

Pure iPOS has a built-in Guest Management System which takes cares of all your guest data and helps you build a loyal customer base.

3. Kitchen Display System

The restaurant business has become more about the experience and ambiance nowadays, but the focus of delicious food hasn't shifted.

A kitchen Display System makes your kitchen more productive along with enhancing the quality of your food and speed-boosting your services.

They can be easily integrated with other restaurant Management tools like POS system, so your staff gets real-time updates on all the orders received.

Needless to say, it eliminates communication issues between your kitchen staff.

4. Online Ordering Systems

Online food ordering systems have become immensely popular among all types of people. And why not? We can get a delicious restaurant delivered right at our doorsteps with the help of a few clicks.

You can have an online ordering portal on your own restaurant websites as well as offer dedicated online food ordering apps to your customers.

Integrating your ordering portal with online food ordering channels like Swiggy, Zomato and Uber eats with your POS system will also bring in additional business for your restaurants.

5. Table Top Devices

Table Top devices are gaining popularity for the ease they provide while ordering food. A waiter is no longer needed to describe each item in the menu. Customers can check out the images and even videos of the dishes on the menu.

Table top devices can also be used for upselling, loyalty programs and even making online payments.

They can also be set such that your guests leave feedback and reviews using them. So many birds with one device!

6.Virtual Reporting System

With Virtual reporting system, you have a strong control over how your restaurant functions day in day out.

Any kind of data you require for making future marketing, advertising plans or any physical changes to your restaurant spaces.

Reports also help you analyze which of your services are most popular or which channels are bringing in most revenues.

If you own multi-outlets, you can use reporting systems to see which of them bring most business or which of them are most popular among your guests.

Reports and data analysis can be accessed from any device you want, so even if you are away from your business, you can manage everything centrally from any location you please.

7. Feed-back system

There are many benefits of collecting feedback for your restaurant.

A feedback system lets you know what your customers actually think about your restaurant. It helps you to enhance the selling points of your restaurant and eliminate or change what your guests don't like.

A feedback system also decreases the number of negative online reviews along with building a streamlined communication between you and your guests.
These are the must-have technological restaurant management tools for your restaurants and food outlets. No matter how big or small your business is, to stay relevant you must adopt technology in your restaurant.

If you want to avail all these services together in one place, look no further. Pure ITES is a cloud-based software provider. From Restaurant POS to Digital Menus, we take care of all the technological needs of your restaurants for you so that your business blooms in full boost. Join us today to kickstart your restaurant business with Technology.

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