Get Comission-free Online Food Orders and Boost your Restaurant’s Revenue

Establishing a restaurant business and running it successfully, along with bringing in high revenues for the business requires a lot of efforts from all the members working in the restaurant. Without a steady flow of revenues for the restaurant orders, it becomes difficult for the restaurant owners to sustain their business.

It is no news that online food ordering channels like Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats are becoming increasingly popular in India. They provide huge exposure to the restaurants and also bring in repeat business for them. But on the negative side, their increasing commission rates are cutting into the profits of the restaurants.

Something similar has been happening to the restaurants in Kerala. Online food ordering Channels have increased their commissions' rates from 10% to 33% for each order received from the online channels. Due to this hike in the commission rates, the Kerala Hotel and Restaurant Association (KHRA) decided to boycott the Online Food Ordering Channels since 1st of December 2018. They are of the opinion that the commission rates on each order are enormous and they want the commissions to be brought down.

This incident brings us face to face to the drawbacks of relying a lot on the online food ordering channels for your restaurant.

The Commissions are somewhere between 15% to 30% on every order you receive from the channels. This is a considerable portion of revenue that could otherwise have added to the restaurants revenue.

They don't increase the value of your restaurant brand. We all agree that these channels can give you huge online exposure. But users buy the best deals offered by the channels. It could be your restaurant today, a different one tomorrow. A customer will only remember that the amazing deal was offered by the Channel.

They cannot guarantee customer retention. With so many restaurants listed on the Online Food Ordering Channels, and new ones being added regularly, it is not very likely that the consumer will pick your restaurant for their regular orders.

Restaurant owners need to rise above these limitations and yet continue bringing online orders for their restaurants. Online food ordering system are a huge revenue boosters. Hence, having ways by which people can order directly from you. Luckily, there are quite a few things restaurant owners can do to increase their online orders and earn profits for themselves.

An appealing restaurant website

An attractive restaurant website is a great way to start creating a strong online presence for your business. Make sure that it is SEO optimized in such a way that people can easily find you on the internet. Having a content marketing for your restaurant will also go a long way in building a brand out of your business. Having a good digital marketing strategy for your restaurant business will add to the traffic on your restaurant website and eventually increase the conversion rate.

An Online Ordering System

An online restaurant website is a good start for your restaurant business. But the work doesn't stop there. You have a website in place, now add an online food ordering system to it so that people can order food directly with you.

If you are looking for a robust online ordering system for your restaurant website, look no further now. We offer Tabinsta, an online food ordering system which integrates seamlessly with your Restaurant POS Software and Kitchen Display System so that you get real-time online orders. It also comes with multi-payment and multi-language features.

With a little tweak, and your restaurant website becomes a revenue-generating asset for your restaurant.

Dedicated Mobile Applications & Mobile responsive Sites

It goes without saying that your website has to be mobile responsive. It should be easy to navigate from all types of device screens. Tablets, laptops or mobile phones. Your website must be accessible from any device your customers choose.

Dedicated mobile apps are a huge business booster. It gives you a medium to regularly interact with your guests, collect useful data, and send out personalized deals and offers.

Mobile apps can also be designed to create loyalty programs for your restaurants. If your guests can regularly see the number of reward points they can earn for ordering directly with you, they will be more likely to repeat orders.

Social Media and Email marketing

Perhaps your customers aren't making direct online orders from you because they have no idea that you are open to direct online orders. Once you have an online ordering system in place on your website, you should immediately start sending out emails to your old customers with an appealing deal on their first online order.

Promote direct online ordering on social media with some catchy image and attractive deal. Welcome online orders with opens arms.

If you want to completely turn over your restaurant management for better and bigger results, try Pure iPOS. We offer technological restaurant management support. From the Restaurant POS Software and Online ordering systems to Digital Menu for Restaurant and Kitchen Display systems, our cloud-based solutions meet all your restaurant growth needs.

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