Happy Hours - A Super Weapon To Boost Sales

In the middle of price hikes all around us, discounts, budget-friendly deals, and lower price rates excite each one of us. Happy Hour - which was traditionally limited to lower drink rates; is the new cherry on the cake. More and more cafes and food outlets have adopted happy hours to boost sales. Do you want to give your Eatery business an extra push? If yes, then happy hours are for you.

Here are a few ideas to help you come up with a fool-proof happy hour plan for your restaurant.

Know Your Customers Thoroughly

Before planning up any wonderful happy hour strategy, take enough time out to get to know your target audience. Track their spending habits to prepare offers which are tailored to meet their immediate requirement. Take multiple elements into consideration while planning your deals. When do people visit your restaurant most frequently? Which are your busiest days and hours? Which time period needs sales to boost? Along with these question, outline your plans by utilizing the timing structure of your target consumer. Lunch hours, after office hours, late nights or any time around your local premise can be utilized to your advantage. According to National Restaurant Association, Youths prefer late night happy hours. Create a plan in accordance with all these factors.

Special Menu and Combo Deals

Design special deals and menus for your happy hours. There are various ways to spice up your happy hour menu. You can create a Smaller Price Smaller Size versions of your popular dishes. You can have drinks only a happy hour to attract the drinking crowd. On Summer afternoons you can have special offers on ice-creams and smoothies. Full day happy hours for popular days like mother's day can also attract various visitors to your cafes and restaurants. Special theme-based menus like Italian dishes on an evening and continental the other will also provide a good variety and keep your buzz in business.

Appropriate Settings

Along with special menu and enticing prices, make it a priority to provide a theme-appropriate ambiance for your guests. A tired office worker will love sipping red wine under dimmed lights with soft relaxing music. The late-night party animals crave high feelings and loud music. For cold winter mornings- set up tables under the warm delightful sun. Decorate your restaurant for special days- flowers on Valentine's day, books on World's book day. Make people crave being in your cafes and being a part of your wonderful settings. If people love being in, they will keep coming back for more.

Offer an Experience - Not Just Food

Give people a whole package instead of just food deals. You can bag in a local celebrity to entertain your guests for any special happy hour. Small prize contents work as well! Will your audience love a comedy night? Perhaps dancing opportunities or a Karaoke Night? Keep things fun, lively and entertaining during your happy hours to keep your guests excited about it.

Consistent Happy Hours

Consistency is the key to the success of any strategy. So plan your happy hours accordingly. Have happy hours with regular time intervals and let people know about them well in advance. After a fabulous happy hour, people will want to know when they can have more fun. Keeping them waiting for having another such good time isn't going to boost your business. So give them many such opportunities. Once you set a standard, you have to keep raising the bar to keep your customers delighted with your services.

Appropriate Marketing

You may have made wonderful plans for your happy hours. Special menus have been designed. Perfect ambiance has been created and everything is in line. But all this won't work if people aren't aware of it. Yes, word of mouth is still the best form of marketing; but little extra efforts on your part won't hurt. Social media can be your superpower for promoting your happy hour offers. Put words out on facebook and twitter. Create theme-appropriate hashtags. Put up pictures on Instagram to captivate people's attention. Also, encourage people to spread the words on social media using your hashtags. Promote user-generated content like Instagram pictures, facebook posts, and tweets. Make some noise. Let the world know you are set to entertain.

State Your terms And Conditions Clearly

Business owners do everything in their power to keep their consumers happy. But sometimes due to inevitable circumstances, a few customers feel unsatisfied with the services. To minimize such incidents and ensure successful execution of your happy hours you have to clearly state the terms and conditions. Mention the start and end dates clearly. Specify which items are at a discount during happy hours. Also, specify the quantities to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. Give your customers all the information clearly so that they can make informed choices and it will, in turn, strengthen your credibility and increase business.

Manage your happy hours efficiently

Happy hours are going to bring you a lot of orders. It becomes very important to provide the best service possible. You have to prepare your staff beforehand to deliver a speedy and efficient service. Restaurant POS system can help you to manage your happy hours easily. Excellent service is the backbone of a successful happy hour.

Happy hours boost sales for your restaurant and cafes. It has blooms up your revenue and provides you a larger consumer base by increasing your visibility and increasing your customer engagement. As the results of happy hours are amazing more and more restaurants and cafes are adopting happy hours for facilitating their growth. You can try it to speed up your sales and shake things up in your locality. Open the gates- let the happy hours begin.

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