How a POS simplifies Communication in the Restaurants

Restaurants are known for their bustling activity. Especially during peak seasons and rush hours, it isn't easy communicating the others and other information across your staff members. Moreover, it gives way to errors and you can also run the risk of falling short on providing a remarkable guest experience.

Here's how a POS can take care of all the internal communication of your restaurants.

1. Real-Time Updates Across All Channels

A cloud-based Restaurant POS can be integrated with all your food channels. Your in-house bookings, your online orders, your take-aways. All the orders you get are updated in real time. This ensures that you never lose an order, as your orders are updated centrally. A stream-lined ordered management can be efficiently achieved with a POS for your restaurant.

2. Instant Updates To The Kitchen

Restaurant POS can be easily updated with a KDS (Kitchen Display System) This implies that all the orders taken by your servers are updated instantly. All the orders which arrive from other channels also reach the kitchen instantly. This reduces your average waiting time. Your table turnover increases, so do the speed of your services. There are no missed order items. Errors are almost non-existent, which enhances your guest service.

3. Billing Services

Managing all your orders and their bills efficiently can get quite challenging during rush hours and peak seasons. A POS takes cares of your billing tasks as well. Most POS comes with multi-payment gateways. You can also merge, share and split bills if your customers' request it. Also, a POS can be directly integrated to an accounting system like tally. All your financial transactions are under your control with a cloud-based POS.

4. Stock And Inventory

A POS system keeps track of your available stock and inventory. You can set limits for all your raw material, so if any the ingredient goes below the set limit, you get notified about it immediately. This way you can totally avoid the risk of running out of things. It also keeps a clear record of all the available material in your stock.

5. Accounts

As a restaurant owner, you will have different dealers and Vendors supplying you stock and inventory for your restaurant. An advanced restaurant POS online system gives you a bird-eye view of all the accounts of your vendors and suppliers. It also gives you a fair idea of which dealer you are buying frequently from and which ones need to be replaced.

Pure ITES offers a complete set of cloud-based Restaurant management solutions like a Restaurant POS system, online ordering systems, digital menu, and Kitchen Display system. Join us and open yourself to a whole new restaurant management experience.

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