Legacy POS VS Cloud-based POS: Which is the Right Choice for your Restaurant business !!

Most of the technological operations in the restaurant industry were previously done with the help of traditional POS systems, which consisted of desktop computers and various other pieces of hardware which were linked with Internet by a remote server which was usually set up separately on the Restaurant location. These servers would then provide all the stored data and applications to the Restaurant and their Restaurant staff. But this is rapidly changing, and more and more hoteliers are moving towards opting cloud-based solutions for their hotel.
But this is rapidly changing, due to the enormous advantages offered by the cloud based Restaurant POS system more and more restaurant owners are moving towards opting cloud-based solutions for their restaurant.

Here's why you should switch to a cloud-based POS System immediately.

1. Data Security

Traditional POS systems are not very resilient when it comes to data security. They are prone to downtimes which slows down the working of your restaurant which in turn brings down the productivity levels. If they are affected by external calamities like the floods or fires, the data on these systems is completely lost which cannot be retrieved unless they have secured external data backups.

Cloud-based restaurant POS systems are hosted on the cloud. Whatever data you enter in the systems is saved to the clouds in real time. It is also immune to heavy external damage as you can easily access your data again from the clouds with a few clicks. As the data is stored in the clouds you also free from loading your servers which gives you speedier services.

2. Upgrades and maintenance

With legacy POS systems you buy the type of system based on your current requirements. If your restaurant chains expand or there is a new technology in trend, you have to get a whole new system or pay extra for the services. Also maintaining the systems requires you a hire special IT professionals which adds up to the cost.

The service providers of the cloud-based systems take complete responsibilities of the timely upgrades of your services to keep up with the ongoing technological developments. As the upgrades are cloud-based, you don't have to pay anything for an IT staff. Your service providers take care of everything.

3.Storage Capacity

Running a restaurant is an unpredictable fare. You can never accurately predict when there will be a rush. Business is different on every new day. The traditional POS systems do not have a flexible storage capacity. You only have to utilize what you have got.

Restaurant POS System on cloud come armed with flexible storage capacity. They can easily be modified as per your restaurant's storage needs. Another added perk is that you only pay for how much you use. Nothing more. Total money-saver.

4. Cost

The cost of having traditional POS systems can be quite high. If you run out of space, you have to pay for extra storage. You also have to invest in expensive IT infrastructure whose value decreases over time. There is also the matter of indispensable IT staff for deployment and upgrades. Over time it is going to turn into a very costly affair.

On the other hand, the cloud-based systems save you a lot of money. You pay on the go for only the storage capacity you use. Also, the flexibility allows you to enjoy all the storage benefits in accordance with your needs. The upgrades and maintenance are done by the service providers. Also, the deployment is handled by them! It is a fair investment with good returns.

Apart from these major benefits of the cloud-based systems, there are many other ways a cloud-based POS system can boost your revenues and increase your restaurants' productivity. It consumes less energy, it can be seamlessly integrated with the services like Digital Menu, Online Ordering Systems, and Kitchen Display Systems. It can also be integrated with Hotel Management systems. Also, it can be accessed from anywhere you want with an internet connection, be it your laptop or your smartphone- you have complete control over your restaurant business with the Cloud.

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