Make the Most of your Dine-in & Take Away Services with a Restaurant POS System

The Restaurant business is expanding in incredible ways. It is no longer just about the food being served. It is about ambiance, ease of paying bills, streamlined dining experiences and top-notch management skills. It is not easy making time for all these operations for the restaurant owners and their staff. It is here when technology comes to your aid. POS systems can help you carry out all these operations smoothly. Although the traditional POS systems dealt with only a few operations, cloud-based POS systems are entirely advanced tools.
Cloud-based Restaurant POS systems help you with almost all the significant hotel operations like inventory management, stock management, guest history, and even multi-outlets management.
Dine in and Takeaways are among the chief services restaurant business offer. Let's explore how Cloud-based POS systems help you manage your dine-in and take away services and raise the efficiency levels of your restaurant.
Restaurants are no longer the places where people come to dine in simply with food in the minds. Dining in is so much more now. It is about the settings, the backdrop and also the speed of services. It is about creating memories and experiences.

Here's how cloud-based Restaurant POS systems help you create a remarkable dine-in and Take away experiences for your guests:

Dinin & Take Away


1. A cloud-based POS system enables you to view digital representation of the sitting and table arrangements of your entire restaurants.
2. You can mark the tables as occupied, available, reserved or unclean with a few clicks. This helps you offer immediate services to your guests.
3. You can allocate specific tables to your waiting staff or change waiters in the middle of serving.
4. POS systems allow you to display the complete menu on tablets so that your guest and your staff experience absolute ease while giving and receiving orders.
5. Your POS system can be easily integrated with Kitchen Display Systems, so your orders are prepared quickly.
6. You can easily split bills and invoices in accordance with your guest demands.
7. Get in-depth reports and analysis to find out your most popular tables, your best-selling dishes and increase your table turnovers.
Take- away services are in demand due to the convenience it offers. Especially millennials and young adults out there love the takeaway services for the speed and freedom it offers. Takeaways work best for them as they save time and offer immediate solutions to their hunger.

Take away

1. Your POS systems can be integrated with online ordering systems which allows you to offer takeaways from your restaurants easily.
2. POS systems simplify your billing operations by allowing you to split, share, print and merge your takeaway bills.
3. Your guests can add all types of additional modifiers as per their preferences and personalize their orders as per their preferences.
4. Integrated secure payment gateways make online payments as easy as a breeze.
5. Have reward systems and loyalty programs for your guests with the POS system.
6. From allergens to favorites, keep track of your customers' orders to deliver better services to each time.
7. Offer special deals and discounts to your customers with coupons and promotional codes.

Pure iPOS is a complete Restaurant Management System which makes all your restaurant operations simpler, quicker and easier! At Pure ITES we offer a whole set of restaurant management System which includes- Tab Insta- online food ordering system, Pure iMenu- digital menu services and Pure iCook- Kitchen display system. Get in touch with us to manage your restaurants more efficiently.

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