Manage your Cash Drawer Smartly with a Restaurant POS system

Due to the bustling activity and the growing trend of enjoying the night-life, many restaurants now run round the clock. With open hours shifting from 12 hours to some twenty, restaurant staff often works in shifts.

Change of shifts can often result in faulty calculations. It also leaves the gap for miscommunication.

A restaurant POS system can help you avoid these issues which are bound to occur in the changing business times.

Pure iPOS integrates seamlessly with your restaurant's cash drawer.

What are the benefits of the integration of Cash Drawer with Restaurant POS?

Manage your Cash Drawer Smartly with a Restaurant POS system

Let's say your restaurant has two cashiers for your cash counters.

When the person starts his or her shift, they get a detailed summary of the previous day's transactions.

They get an exact tally of all the cash in your drawer right down to the denomination of the notes and coins and their numbers.

This is called the opening balance.

As this gives your employee the exact details about the cash in the cash drawer as they begin their working day.

When this person finishes their shift, the system shows him a closing balance which again consists of all the tally of every note and coin with their number and denomination.

The next person that starts the job gets this balance as their opening balance. With an accurate tally of the cash as well as the payments made through other modes like the payment gateways.

The benefit of this system is that there is no cash discrepancy. Your transactions are carried out smoothly even when your staff changes their shifts.

A restaurant POS system streamlines your entire restaurant operations. If you are looking for such precise and smooth management of your restaurant business then, Pure iPOS can be the right POS for you.

Restaurant POS System

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