Optimize The Table Turnover Rate With a Table Reservation System for your Restaurant

Dining out and ordering food for home deliveries and takeaways is becoming an everyday thing.

More and more restaurants are opting for a table reservation system for creating an even better guest experience for their customers.

Table Reservation System can be used by the restaurant staff to offer pre-reservations of tables for your guests.

This system is really useful in catering to your loyal customers during rush hours and peak seasons.

Here's how the Table Reservation System Works:

Optimize The Table Turnover Rate With a Table Reservation System for your Restaurant

Using a Table Reservation System your guests can book a table at your restaurant using any device of their choice.
They can select the following details:

Number of Guests

Your guests can book a table for a specific number of guests using this system so that you have a definite idea as how many people you will have to serve.

Dates and Time

You get the exact dates and time slots of the arrival of your guests so that your staff can be prepared beforehand. This will especially be useful during peak seasons as you will know if you need extra staff or hire more people to meet with the rush hour demands.


Guests can choose their preferred seating arrangements as well as the view if your restaurant is offering it. They can select if they need AC / Non-AC rooms. They can specify if they need special sea view tables or garden view. This way you can plan a proper turnover of your tables.

Order Details

Table reservation system also gives your guests the option to pre-define their orders. It also asks if they would want the food ready on their arrival. This saves time for both you as well as your guests.

This also gives you the opportunity to stock the necessary inventory for fulfilling the guest orders so that you don'™t run the risk of running out of material.

Modes of Payments

The system is integrated with Payment Gateways as well so your guests can choose to pay beforehand for their order. You can also apply promo-codes or discounts using the system.

Home Delivery and Take aways

Using this system you can even offer your guests with home delivery or takeaways if their preferred dates and time slots are not available for reservation. This helps a lot in retaining customers.
Table Reservation System can be integrated with your Restaurant POS. This ensures that all the reservations made by your staff or your guests on the Table reservation System are updated in real time on your Restaurant POS system as well as your kitchen display system.

Thus a restaurant gains a lot of benefits by using a table reservation system for their restaurant. Pure ITES offers a complete suite of Restaurant Management tools along with a Table reservation system. Our products include Restaurant POS system, Online Ordering System, Kitchen Display System and Digital Menu.

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