Price Your Menu Right with Accurate Recipe Pricing

The food you offer on your menu is often the most important asset of your restaurant. And different types of restaurants do offer a varied form of food menus for their customers. Some menus may be seasonal, some specifically designed for a happy hour or special ones prepared especially for festivals like Christmas and celebrations like a wedding.

Just like the change in the menus, the pricing of the items your offer may also change based on various factors such as the availability as well as the quality of the raw materials. The prices of various commodities like vegetables as well as the labor charges of your cooks may change throughout the year.


Pricing your menu in a way that has its appeal to your customers along with being profitable for your business is essential for your business. And you have got to do it right for the success of your business without compromising the quality of your food and keeping the money rolling for your business, and the recipe costing using a restaurant management system is a quick, effortless and accurate way to do it.

Recipe Costing and Restaurant Management System (POS)

A cloud-based POS Restaurant Management comes with the additional feature of recipe costing which makes designing a hot-selling menu a hassle-free task.

The Restaurant POS system allows you to manage your restaurants' inventory which also contains commodities and raw material that goes into making your restaurant's menu.

The information thus can be used for a quick and practical recipe costing on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis as per the menu, season, and the availability of fruits and vegetables in the particular seasons. The fact that the system generates recipe costing based on the real-time inventory ensures that your costs are practical as well as profitable for your restaurant business.

The recipe costing involves a few simple clicks which can be managed efficiently due to the user-friendly interface. The feature tasks in the account of the price individual items that go in the making of the recipe, the amount of the ingredients used as well as the labor charges which go into making the final product and finally generates a figure that gives you a fairly accurate number representing the cost of the recipe. You can use this and set the prices of your restaurant menu as and how you deem fit.

The recipe costing system allows you to experiment with your menu where you can change the items or raw materials and design the best-priced meals and offers for your customers.

You can use this system to , also the data and information are updated in real-time so each of your restaurants and staff members is on the same page regarding the pricing of your menu.

This system is also owner-friendly and allows you to offer the recipe costs editing only to the people whom you give the privileges in the system. User privileges in the system keep the costing of your restaurants within the inner circle of your restaurants and ensure profits confidentiality.

Restaurant Management System

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