Quick & Accurate Billing Operations with a Restaurant POS Software

Multiple financial transactions are carried out every day in a restaurant. The bustling activity of the restaurant and the increasing demand for speedy services requires quick billing as well.

If the restaurant is understaffed or having rush hours, then it becomes difficult to manage the various billing operations efficiently. Moreover, if you carry out billing operations manually, your transactions are susceptible to errors. It wastes a lot of time as well.

Why suffer flaws and slow service when you can get accurate and quick billing operations for each and every item with a Restaurant POS System?

Here's how you can use a cloud-based Restaurant POS Software for billing your transactions right and adding to your staff's productivity hours:

Accurate Bill Generations

As a POS system is updated in real-time, precise order data are maintained.

Items can be missed while billing manually, or someone might forget to enter a bill's detail in the traditional system. These actions can lead to an inaccurate bill generation.

Faulty bills can get you two things: Loss in the revenue or an angry customer. Both the situations aren't the pathways to your restaurant's success.

A cloud-based Restaurant POS Software is updated in real time, so there is no chance to miss out an order or even an item out of an order.

A Restaurant POS software generates accurate and detailed bills in record time, which in turn makes your guests' restaurant experience amazing, boosts your table turnover and saves your staff's time.

Bill as per your Guests Requirements

Many different types of people visit a restaurant; they all have their own billing preferences.

A group of friends may want to get the bill split in equal amount, large families dining together prefer to merge table bills. Someone may need to cancel a particular item for the order, or someone may want to pay for the beverages and food separately.

It isn't easy to cater to all these billing demands manually, and if it during rush hours, you open your business to unnecessary mistakes.

You can offer everyone customized bills with a Restaurant POS Software. You can split bills as per the amount, the number of members in a group, or even an item wise split.

Merging table bills is a cake-walk with a POS System. You can also void items off a bill or cancel bills altogether.

Centralized Billing Operations

Most restaurants offer takeaway and delivery services now. Online food orders are also catching up as revenue-boosters for restaurants. All these bills also have to be managed efficiently managed along with the dine-in services' bills.
As a Restaurant POS system integrates seamlessly with Online Food Ordering System, as well as other online food ordering channels. You can manage all the bills from these different categories in one place.

If you own multiple outlets, you can manage and oversee all the billing operations together as well.

You also get precise audits of all the transactions done by each and everyone who uses the POS system saving you from theft or loss of money due to inaccurate data.

Automatic Tax Deductions

Tax deductions are an important part of financial transactions. You can easily set a tax slab for your bills and taxes will be added automatically to all your restaurant's bills with a restaurant POS software.

Gratuity and Service taxes are also added to the bills automatically so that your billing operations are precise.

Pure iPOS Software can be customized to fulfill the tax requirements of different geographical locations easily.

Applying Discounts and Deals

Every business these days offers one deal or the other for boosting business and retaining customers. Restaurants are no different.

Managing discounts and deals with a Restaurant POS is a child's play. Also, promo-codes and coupons can also be applied easily. You can give your guests accurate discounted bills and keep them coming.

Along with these functions, a restaurant POS software can also manage loyalty programs and their terms with astonishing efficiency. Complimentary meals or free drinks can also be accounted for easily with the system giving you transparency across all your billing operations.

Guest-friendly Bill Payments

A restaurant POS integrates with a variety of hardware and software. Your staff can easily allow online payments using a tablet or guests themselves can pay their bills using the table top devices on their tablets. Saves so much time and increases table turnover rate.

No matter what the medium or mode of paying the bill is, the POS system is updated in real time across all the integrated devices.

You can also integrate the Restaurant POS software with an accounting software of your choice or a printer- if your guests need paper bills. Everything is taken care of like a pro.

Reports and Analysis

Reports are a must have for tracking the growth of your revenue. Using a Restaurant POS system, you can track all sort of billing operations you want.

You can find out which days bring the most revenue, which dishes generate biggest bills and which are the popular modes of payments for your guests.

Along with this information, you can easily work out your profits. If your restaurant's inventory is completely listed in your POS system, you can see which of your inventory gives more sales and which needs to be thrown out.

Wastage and Usage can also be tracked easily so you can easily tell which of your menu items are best for your restaurant's revenue growth.

A cloud-based Restaurant POS system offers a lot to ease out the complications of the restaurants' billing operations and allows you to offer a streamlined, quick and remarkable guest experience to your guests. Pure iPOS also give multi-currency and multi-support features which let you manage your bills and payments even more effectively. Contact us to know more about our services.

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