Revenue Boosters for Restaurants: Upselling & Cross-Selling

No matter what business you are in, earning high revenue is one of your major objectives.

Restaurants, like any other business, can open up to larger revenues with a few upselling and cross-selling strategies.

Restaurant Upselling and Cross-selling strategies  you can use to gain higher revenues

Restaurants Upselling & Cross-Selling

1. Train Your Serving Staff to Upsell

Servers are the ones who come in one-to-one contact with your guests.

Therefore, it is a smart move to train your serving staff in upselling and cross-selling in a way which does not annoy the customers.

Firstly, they must have an idea about all the items on the menu. So when needed, they can describe an item in a way which instantly makes the customers want to order it. Vivid descriptions work best.

You can also use a digital menu to entice your guests with vivid videos and pictures of the dishes on your menu.

You can also train the staff to recommend the items which give the highest profit margin to your restaurant.

2. Add Value to the Customer's Dining Experience

If the items you suggest make the dining experience better for your guests, they will be more likely to order it.

One classic idea is to offer to pack the dessert so that they can take it home. Giving away free samples to taste can also get you a bigger order.

When you suggest items, mention the benefits with them. Say that a side dish tastes better, or there is a special offer on a particular menu item. People are more likely to order if you give them a reason.

3. Use Technology To Upsell

You can use a digital menu for your restaurant, and it can upsell as well as cross-sell for you with pictures and videos.

If you integrate your Restaurant POS system with the digital menu, you open up a whole new level of upselling and cross-selling opportunities for your guests.

Restaurant POS Banner

The menu can then show the particular guests past preferences, it can show items which are similar to them. All in all, you can personalize your upsells for each and every guest.

This also works well if you take online food orders on your restaurant website.

4. Tweak your Menu here and There

Your menu has a lot of potentials to get you larger orders. You just need to tweak them a bit here and there.

Firstly, don't have too many things on the menu. If there are too many options, it confuses the guest. Keep it simple.

If you opt for Restaurant digital menu, you can easily schedule different menus for different days to keep up the variety.

Another strategy is to remove decimals from the menu. If you appraise your menu like $10.00, just make it $10. Decimals make the price appear larger than it is.

There are many other creative ways to upsell and cross-sell in a restaurant. Starting with a classic few and then experimenting with new ones along with them works best.

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