Seamless POS System Integrations to Offer you Quick and Efficient Services

Running a restaurant isn't a cake-walk. Many things go in the making of a successful restaurant. There are multiple tasks and subtasks that are to be managed effectively to satisfy your guests and keep the business booming. All these cannot be achieved alone. There are various software and hardware which are necessary for carrying out some essential restaurant operations.

A competent POS system offers you seamless integration with various software and hardware for offering the best services to your guests.

Pos Integrations


Restaurants lose a lot of revenues due to internal robbing and stealing done by the staff members. It also happens due to misplacement of cash and also miscalculations done in accounts. It often happens that staff may become careless and less-disciplined in the absence of the manager or the owner of the restaurant. All these issues have an easy solution. You can integrate our restaurant POS system with text Overlay system which gives you precise data about the activities which take place at your billing counters. This gives you an accurate idea about your transactions and the working methods of your staff even when you aren't present on the premises.


Billing operations are a significant part of the restaurant business. It is important to maintain and analyze the data from your restaurant's sales and purchases. You must have storage for the cash that flows in your business. For these requirements, our restaurant POS can be integrated with the account managing software of your choice and also to any kind of cash drawers you take a fancy. A restaurant manager updates all your sales and purchases record in real time, thus ensuring accurate reports and data about your restaurant finances.


Many different types of people are going to visit your restaurant, and you might even have a chain of restaurants in different countries. To help you be on top of your billings in such case, we offer integration with multiple payment gateways. This will allow you to provide your guests with the payment option of their choice which in turn will enhance your guest services.


Online food ordering is a growing trend nowadays because of the convenience it offers to the users. To take advantage of various food ordering channels and increase your online visibility, we help you with effortless integration with various online food ordering channels like Swiggy and Zomato. You can also link your POS with your own restaurant website to collect orders from there.


We offer seamless integration with receipt printers and barcode scanners. This lets you implement quick and errorless services to your guests. A service which is timely and quick is sure to save your time and impress your guests.


Often Hotels require room services from the restaurants. A Hotel PMS which is connected with the restaurant POS software makes it very simple to receive orders. It provides real times across both, the Hotel PMS and the Restaurant POS so that none of the orders are missed, and prompt services are offered to the guests. Information is synced in automatically in both the systems, so there is no need to make repeated manual entries.

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