Seven Features you must have in your restaurant POS

Majorly being a well known and worthwhile POS solution for restaurateurs, Pure iPos Restaurant POS System is urging itself on becoming the leader in the field of providing point of sale system. Since past few years we have become the one and only solution for solving their problems in relation to point of sale giving the smart,simpler and commendable point of sale system.

Channelizing the scenario of the restaurants using POS System and keeping every context in mind we have created a point of sale software which will not only make your day to day tasks hassle free as well as increase the revenue generation capacity of your restaurant.

Our prime concentration is based upon 3 verticals which are

1.Menu Ordering

2.Kitchen Management System

3.Point of Sale

Pure iPos is built as such to fulfill the requirements of each and every firm engaged in F&B business.Coming across every aspect of restaurateurs Pure iPos is perfect solution they should prefer to go for.

Seven Must Have Features Of Cloud Based Restaurant POS

Generate In-Depth Reports

Auditing and reporting is a must feature of Restaurant Management Software to carry out the operations and analyze where your restaurant is going right or wrong in both context. Using Pure iPos Restaurant management Software you can pull enterprise-grade reports in just a few clicks. Evaluate in dept each and every work's report from sales, purchases, inventory, back office reports and more through our on advanced POS. Making the management of reports a hassle free tasks,Pure iPos is a complete packaged solution for running your running your restaurant business in a sleek manner.

Maintain User Access

Building the control over user access is of utmost importance as it aims at safeguarding the crucial and important data and informations. We have given a lot of focus upon protecting the data while building our Restaurant POS. Our system enables you to have a control over the user access taking into context different departments as well as tasks assigned. This in turn enables you to have control over the total flow of information thus safeguarding your information from unauthorized access and few discrepancies.

Additionally, the robust system tracks and logs each and every operation, thus you can easily determine which action was triggered by which user for better accountability.

Billing Operations

Carrying out the functionality of Billing operation is one of the most decisive, lengthy as well as time bound procedure. It inclines out for utmost security at every point being precise at the same time. Using Cloud Based Pure iPos Restaurant Management System which is the Best POS System in industry, you can settle bills via multiple payment options such as Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit card and more.

At same it also allows you to carry on operations like manually adding removing items and modifiers in an order, editing or exempting taxes on a bill, cancel charges, splitting or merging invoices between two tables and so much more.

In addition to that our POS can be streamlined with your Hotel Management system which is beneficiary to you from restaurant by directly posting the restaurant bill to guest folio and enhance the guest experience exponentially.

Manage all chain restaurants

Now you will have a benefit of managing all your locations from one outlet itself only and only by our Pure iPos. Making the management procedure hassle free choosing our POS System you can enhance your guest experience and have a positive goodwill in F&B market. Being the restaurant owner, you get to control various functions of all the locations or franchises like tracking the live status of sales, menu configuration, several reports and more, right from the dashboard.

Now it will be easy for you to manage your restaurant's operations sitting in any corner of the world getting it done in few click itself. Adopt our Pos and let your business flourish to heights.

A-Z of Menu Management

A good menu amalgamated with satisfactory guest services is a must for any restaurant which not only attracts the customers towards restaurant but also build a exceptional guest presence. By our menu management system you can conveniently categorize the items on your menu into groups and further into subgroups as well. Additionally you can customize a different menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with weekends or other weekend sessions and you can create various combos with extra rates by adding modifier items. Moreover, you can modify items manually and add extra modifiers as per your suitability.

Local Language and Multi Currency Support

Focusing upon the whole scenario of restaurant industry throughout the whole word we have designed and made Pure iPos compatible to fulfill each and every need of our clients. Thus, we made sure that you can use our POS online system in almost any local language as you please.

Multiple currency support through our Pos will be a cherry on a cake for the restaurants all around. This will help in the managing of Payment become easy and chaos free.

Cloud Print Technology

The most advanced and techno friendly system of managing the printing of invoices,reports and more is what all our Pos consists of. With our cloud print technology print such invoices and more with any on any device in the network cloud to any printer without even installing the device drivers. Adopt our software and get a cutting edge experience of managing restaurant operations.

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