Stock your Restaurant Inventory Right with a POS system

The biggest and the busiest restaurant business days are coming up soon. And all the restaurant owners are busying preparing it for providing the best guest experience for their customers during the extended holidays of Christmas and new year.

Of course, you will leave no stones unturned to make Christmas and New year massive business hits. To ensure uninterrupted celebrations, you will have to take special care of your inventory.

After all, there is no worse nightmare than a restaurant brimming with happy indulgent customers and running out of the Christmas delicacies.

Here's how you can manage your restaurant's inventory efficiently during the festivals with a POS system:

Restaurant inventory

List Each & Every Item In Your Restaurant

Before you welcome the guests for the holiday season, do a quick check of your restaurant inventory. A cloud-based Restaurant POS system can help you with this task.

You can make an entry of each and every item in the POS system along with its quantity, weight and even price.

Integrating your POS system with a barcode scanner makes this task even easier. You can customize the names of the items as well as group as well as subgroups to sort them out better.

Know Where Your Stock Goes

Now that you have each of your item recorded with all its important parameter, keep track of how your restaurant inventory is used.

Before your restaurant is open for business, or after it has closed down for the day, track the amount of inventory you have, how much has been used, how much has been wasted and how much is unaccounted for. This might feel intimidating in the start, but will give huge benefits in a week or so.


You will have a clear idea as which of your materials are used well, and what amount is wasted, and how you can take steps to promote the maximum utilization of your projects.

Restocking Inventory

The restaurant business is all about food and beverages. Some materials may have a longer shelf value than others. You have to keep a check on all of them to avoid wastage and loss of investment.

It is always advisable to stock perishable materials in required quantities only, and they have to be replenished frequently. The materials which have higher shelf value can be stored in larger quantities. Vines and Alcoholic beverages have longer shelf lives, but they get used up pretty quickly so you better watch their stock levels.

In Pure iPOS Restaurant POS, you can set notifications for all your inventory items. You can set bars at which the systems sends you notifications so that you can replenish the items. These limits or levels are customizable and you can edit them at any point.

This prevents over-stocking and cuts down wastage. At the same time, it also notifies you of your stock levels so you never run out of any material in an emergency.

Assign Inventory Management Tasks

You might own a chain of restaurants or one, but your restaurant staff must have clearly defined roles.

Managing inventory with a POS system becomes even easier if you assign different roles to different staff members. You can clearly define their roles in inventory management and provide restricted or privileged access for certain members. You can make edits to this arrangement any time you please.

A POS system also lets you manage the inventory of your multiple restaurants centrally. You don't need a separate system for each restaurant. You save on your time, your resources as well as your staff's working hours with a POS system.

Accurate Reports and Analysis

Along with easy and simplified inventory management, a cloud-based Restaurant Management also gives you multiple reports about your restaurant inventory.

You will have an accurate idea about the usage of your inventory as well the difference it makes to your restaurant sales and revenue.

You can get separate reports or even consolidated reports for your chain restaurants.
If you want to manage your restaurant's inventory in such a way, that it reduces waste and increases your profits then Pure iPOS is the answer for you. Try our Kitchen Display System, Digital Menu and Online Ordering systems to boost your restaurant's sales and raise your revenues.

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