Take a Tech-Step Ahead with Digital Menu for Restaurants

It's a beautiful night for business. A family of four has come to dine with you. Laughter and friendly banter ring around them.

They are celebrating something special. You wait for their orders.

They order an exotic course on your menu. Unfortunately, you aren't serving it tonight.

Instantly, your guests' faces drop. They were clearly looking forward to having an exotic dinner tonight.

Just then you hear a lady arguing with a server at the table on the far end.

She's upset over her bill total.

You check the total twice, you assure her that no mistake has been made with the bill.

But your restaurant's offering 25% off on these items, she says, pointing at the outdated paper menu lying on her table.

Do you want such a nightmare to ruin your restaurant's guest experience? Of course not!

If you haven't adopted an eMenu for your restaurant already, get one now.

Still not a fan of eMenu? Read along to know how it can save money and boost sales for your restaurant.

Take a Tech-Step Ahead with Digital Menu for Restaurants

1. Edit Your Menu Anytime, from Anywhere

Once the traditional menus are printed, you cannot make any edits to them. The case is quite different with a digital menu board.

With digital menu, you can edit the items on the menu as per the availability, you can make changes to the prices. You can add a deal of the day to boost sales of a certain cost.

Unlike a paper menu, digital changes take place in real time and you have an updated menu all days of the year.

2. Add Visual Triggers to Boost Sales

We all are more interested in the images than the written descriptions. Colorful Visuals attract us more.

Digital Menu has ample opportunities for adding different pictures and videos on your menus.

Instead of describing your popular items, you can add their videos to the menu to induce hunger and boost sales.

3. Schedule Special Menu for Important Events

Printed Menus leave no opportunity for you to experiment with your restaurant business.

The tale is quite different from digital menus. You can design special menus for happy hours, festivals and even important hours of the data.

You don't even have to spend time updating the menu every day. You schedule it all in advance and you get updated menus on time.

4. Integrate With POS system.

Digital Menu can be integrated with your other restaurant management tools like Restaurant POS system, Kitchen Display System and Online Food Ordering System

Integration allows you to free from the task of making the same entries in the different system.

When your menu is integrated with another system, any changes made on one channel gets updated in real time on all other channels.

5. Be Free from the hassle of Printed Menu

The process of designing printing menus is not only time consuming, but it also is heavy on the pockets.

It also limits you as you cannot get different menus printed regularly. Other than that, digital menus also save the environment.

Digital Menus save up your time as well your resources on the long way run.
Digital Menus upgrade your restaurant's guest experience, modernize your menus and earn you extra sales.

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