The Many fascinating Restaurants types & their Delicious Cuisines

Food and its glory! The world is an enormous place, and so is the cuisine all over the world mouth-watering and simply enthralling! To a food-lover, travel is more than just visiting places. It is more about experiencing the diverse dishes all over the world, enjoying the exotic taste of local herbs and ingredients. It is about the way a delightful soup smells, or the way the flavors melt in your mouth, it is about the art of enjoying the food.

Here's a list of captivating restaurant types and their cuisine to tickle your taste buds.

1. Ethnic Restaurants

Food is not only a daily necessity for people, but it is also about the way it defines their way of living and their culture. To actually experience the beauty of a culture, you need to taste their food. Ethnic Restaurants offer you distinctive cuisine and dishes related to a particular culture. For instance, an Italian restaurant will offer you Italian cuisine, a Greek restaurant will offer you greek cuisine. You can enjoy all of them!

2. Fast food Restaurants

Fast food Restaurants are very popular with the millennials. It is mostly because of the speed of the service. You order food from the counter and carry it to their desired table. They also offer takeaway services. McDonald's and Burger King are among the giant fast food chains.

3. Casual Dining Restaurants

Casual Dining Restaurants are restaurants which offer table services along with their reasonably priced food. The ambiance of these Restaurants is often casual. They often have bar services as well, along with their food services. Their bars serve a large assortment of beers and a selected variety of vines.

4. Family Restaurants

Family restaurants are a type of casual dining restaurants. Here the food is served on large trays, and the guests serve themselves from it. The ambiance is often family-friendly. A notable difference between Casual dining Restaurants and Family Resturants is that the latter doesn't serve alcoholic beverages.

5. Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants offer elaborate dishes and specific meal courses. The ambiance of these restaurants is classy and formal. Even the decor of these restaurants is of high quality. They also have definite dining rules which the visiting guests are expected to adhere to.

6. Buffet Restaurants

Buffet Restaurants offer their guests a wide range of foods at a fixed price. Food is served on specific counters from which guests are served waiters or by themselves. Buffet Restaurants attract a large number of guests. Sometimes seating arrangements are also offered.

7. Self- Service Restaurants

Self-Service Restaurants often have an informal ambiance. Just like fast food restaurants, the focus here is the speed of the services rather than the quality of food. They often attract guests which are in a hurry, like office workers and students.

8. Pop-up Restaurants

Pop-up Restaurants are temporary restaurants which are opened on locations for a limited span of time. They are often set in during festivals, special events, and functions in particular places. The locations can be varied from a private home to a historic place. Many chefs open this sort of restaurant to gather limelight.

9. Cafes

Cafes are a type of food outlets, but the majority of their revenues come serving drinks like coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. They also offer breakfast services. Cafes too are very popular with the millennials.

10. Pubs

Pubs essentially are known as places which serve drinks, and alcoholic beverages but they also offer food. Nowadays, most pubs offer food along with the drinks. There is often an age-limit for the guests in the pubs, which is different for varying geographical locations.

11. Food Truck

Food trucks are vehicles which sell food. There is a wide range of them, like ice-cream trucks and pre-packed food. Regional fast foods are often sold using food trucks. They have become very popular of late as they require less investment than opening a traditional restaurant.

12. Pizzeria

A restaurant which serves pizza as its principal dish is known as a pizzeria. It could be a restaurant dedicated to offering different types of pizzas. Some Pizzeria also offers other kinds of foods.

There are also a few other restaurant types like Taverna, Bistros, Osteria and many other. If you are out there to open a restaurant, you can pick one of the above and establish yourself in it. At Pure ITES, we support and encourage all types of new and established restaurants. We offer cloud-based Restaurant Management system like Restaurant POS system, Online Food Ordering systems and also kitchen display systems. We are here to speed-boost your restaurant business.

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