Tickle the Tastebuds and Inspire Hunger with your Restaurant Website

Someone has amusingly put in, I won't be impressed with technology until I can download food with it. Don't we all agree?

But guess what? Online food ordering can still keep us impressed and our hunger satiated for now. Being a consumer, nothing sounds better than ordering your favorites dishes right at your doorstep with just a few clicks. Ready-made tasty food has never been so easy to get! So as a restaurant owner, are you contributing this lifestyle? Do you have your own restaurant website? If not, it's never too late!

Scroll down to bring the hungry crowd closer to your delicious food with your captivating restaurant website!

1. Good Looks Sell!

You already know this about the internet. Good looks sell. If you want to attract customers to your restaurant website, make it eye-catching, engaging and impossible to ignore.

Keep the layout simple and easy for the eyes or the visitors will bounce back like your website is a plague. Pay attention to the color scheme- use red and yellow and other hunger-inducing colors. Jazz the website up with mouth-watering pictures of your restaurant cuisines.

On the internet, the first impression is what makes them stay or run. Hint: Make them stay.

2. Rank higher with the SEO.

Your amazing restaurant website needs to be found. SEO comes in handy to stay relevant on the internet market. Optimize all your website content with keywords relevant to your restaurant.

Long tail keywords will make you pop up on the search engines faster than specific high-end keywords.

Update each of your website pages with trending keywords to stay in-demand and happening. It is all about being fresh on the internet.

3. Be Easy to Approach.

If you don't have a Google my business account already for your restaurant, create it now. If you want to make your mark on the internet, never ignore this Giant of a Search Engine.

Be pro-active on social media- there is where you catch potential loyal guests and keep up with the already loyal ones. Have follow buttons on your website so visitors can follow you with a click.

Don't forget to give a human touch to your restaurant website with a heart-warming about us page. It's still about the people.

4. Be open to Mobile Phone orders

Almost 63% of people place online food orders using their smartphones.

Make your Restaurant website mobile responsive since day 1. Hungry people won't bother finding a laptop or system to place an order with you. Be reachable through their mobile phones which are right in their hands, almost all the time.

Dedicated mobile apps for ordering food only from your restaurant are a huge business booster. They also give you the data advantage which you can use to build loyalty.

5. Inspire your website visitors to place food orders.

Not everyone who visits your website will place an order. You have to give a bonus push to motivate them. Motivation can come in forms of discounts, coupons, and special offers.

You can also give these as rewards for liking your page on Facebook or signing up your newsletters. Everyone loves getting rewards for doing something so easy.

Email marketing is still the best way to keep the customers to keep coming back from you.

6. Connect with a Content strategy

You can't be all about sales if you want to build a loyal fan-following for your restaurant.

Offer people something more than just food with a fail-safe content strategy. It includes blogging about the latest ups and downs and exciting information about the restaurant industry. You can also offer them entertaining restaurant stories for your readers. Be their first choice to visit for information.

Content-driven digital marketing for restaurants is sure to bring more business.

7. Flaunt the good things people say about your restaurant

Around 93% people read online reviews before placing an order online.

Your restaurant website must have a section to showcase testimonials and reviews. The presence of online reviews instantly creates a more reliable impression of your restaurant website. They strengthen your online presence and also increasing your restaurant's credibility. Investing in a good Restaurant Feedback System will boost the number of your positive online reviews,

Reviews also play a key role in ranking your restaurant website higher on the search engines.

8. Bring on the Business with Online Food Ordering System

The whole point of creating a restaurant website is to get online orders. Invest in an advanced online food ordering system for your restaurant website to get direct orders from the customers.

Sign up with Online Food Ordering channels like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda to get extra exposure for your restaurant.

To boost a restaurant sell, integrate food ordering system and Online Channels with a Restaurant POS System to get all your order under a single point dashboard.

9. Utilize Restaurant Technology to the fullest

You must take the help of technology to fulfill the customer expectations of the people who order food online.

Speed is one of the most basic need of the people using the internet. Speed boost your website's loading speed as well as the delivery of your orders. To offers quick food delivery services to your hungry customers, install a Kitchen Display System in your restaurant kitchen. As a kitchen display system integrates with a Restaurant POS Software, your kitchen staff gets real-time order updates which further boosts the productivity of your kitchen.

Amaze your tech-savvy visitors with stunning and hunger-inducing Digital Restaurant Menu.

10. Keep the Customers Coming with Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is the most effective way to keep your restaurant revenues growing high. Line up engaging loyalty programs ideas for your restaurant website visitors.

Loyalty programs boost sales during the regular days. Participants of loyalty programs prefer to use the services more, and they are also more likely to recommend your restaurant services to others

No matter what kind of services you offer, staying consistent online is the key to keep your business growing.

To help restaurant owners grow to their maximum potential, we at Pure ITES offer a range of cloud-based Restaurant Management System. Get in touch with us to know more. We are the best technology partner your restaurant can have.

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