Ultimate Loyalty Program Guide for your Restaurant Sales (Holiday Special!)

57% of people confirm that they prefer to visit a restaurant with a loyalty program over a one which does not offer any. Loyalty programs also fare well for the restaurant owners and customer retention costs 5 times less than the cost of acquiring new ones. Festivals are among the best times to build your own community of loyal customers.

Here a few creative ideas to win loyal customers for your restaurant and keep them.

Restaurant Loyalty Program

1. Special in-house perks for loyal guests

If you already have a loyalty plan running, you have to move beyond the general discounts and coupons for your loyal guests. Add a bit of variety to the rewards. Free welcome drinks or free desserts are a great way to please your guests, along with subtly advertising the perks of enrolling with your loyalty plan. If your loyal guests make a reservation, you can save their favorite seats or tables so that they don't have to wait to be seated during peak times.

2. Make your premium members feel like a royalty

Every single human on earth wants to be treated like they are royal. Do that to your premium members, it is amazing for business. You can host events during festivals which are open only for the premium members of your restaurant. You will have people lining up to get the premium services. Throw in a secret menu for your loyal guests. Make the non-premium members curious and convert them to the loyal ones. Tickle the fear of missing out subtly and boost your sales in a flash!

3. Build relationships with your loyal guests

People won't be loyal to your restaurant just for your food and services. You also have to make efforts in building cordial relationships with your guests. Send them greetings and discounts coupons on their special days like birthdays and anniversary. Invite them to dine in with you and make their day extra special. And guess who they will come to celebrate another event? Of course you! Everyone loves to go back to places and people who make them feel special. Send them promotional emails and messages during holidays and festivals. Give them a little nudge and they will be inspired to visit again soon.

4. Inspire your guests to bring in more customers.

We all know that word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of marketing. Motivate your guests to spread words about your restaurant. Give them incentives in form of reward points. You can also give your first-time guests some extra points to make them visit your store sooner. Introduce your guests to loyalty programs as quickly as possible to retain the new customers. Up to 82% premium members refer the restaurant to the friends and family.

You have to keep your loyalty program fresh and relevant for your guests. Send them instant notifications to track their reward points. You can also offer a restaurant app by which it is convenient to track all the orders efficiently.

Pure iPOS is a cloud-based restaurant POS system which keeps a complete guest history, allows you to create customized loyalty programs for your guests. Contact us to know how we can help you achieve better restaurant revenues.

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