House Keeping

Organise Housekeeping with a PMS to Impress your Guests.

house keeping

Task Management

There are various tasks and subtasks to be managed by the housekeeping department. There are also many varied types of house-keeping services. And the most probably separate group of people handle different projects. An advanced PMS allows you to make clear distinctions between tasks and subtasks so that your staff is clear about their day-to-day duties and you will have an exact idea about the workings of your hotel's hospitality department.

Managing Lists
The hotel PMS can be smoothly integrated with hardware like the printers. This lets you print the list of tasks assigned for the individual staff members of the house-keeping department. Having a running list of their daily tasks will give them a specific idea about the tasks to be done so they will plan their days accordingly. This saves the time which they would have otherwise spent on inquiring what to do next after the completion of their earlier tasks. This will give a stimulated boost to their spirits and increase their productive hours.
Managing Hotel Room Resources
Hotel amenities also fall under the housekeeping department. The room amenities have to be updated properly so that none of the guests complain about it. So many things fall under the hotel guest room inventories. So that they have to refill the minibar, change linens, and make sure everything is in working order for the new guests. All these tasks can be easily managed by using the inventory management. This will decrease the workload of your staff as they will have a record of all items so they need not worry about missing out any vital tasks. And they will be able to focus on making the room as welcoming as possible for the newly arriving guests.
Room Updates
An outstanding PMS lets you keep track of your room statuses. You can quickly mark a room to be cleaned after a check out so that the housekeeping staff can attend to it immediately. Once the room is cleaned, the staff can update it cleaned from their end. This ensures a continuous, uninterrupted workflow which raises the quality of your services and also gives a speed boost to the work. Prompt and timely services go a long way in establishing your hotel as a reliable and trustworthy brand.
Increased Communication
Excellent communication is an integral part of teamwork. If there is no proper communication between your distinct departments, how will they work as one unit, one team? By using a competent Hotel Management System, you can promote seamless and definite communication between not only the housekeeping department but your entire hotel staff. By making internal communication quick and direct, you have a team which works for the success of your hotel. And we are nothing without team efforts, are we?