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Pure iPOS Restuarant Software dashboard
a-z menu management in Restaurant Software

Offering A-Z of Menu Management

A good menu combined with excellent service is what keeps bringing the guests to your restaurant. With our outstanding menu management feature, you can conveniently categorize the items on your menu into groups and further into subgroups as well. You can even customize a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with weekends or any other custom session. Additionally, you can create various combos with extra rates by adding modifier items. Moreover, you can customize items manually and add extra modifiers as per your convenience.

Restuarant Software-multiple language and multiple currency

Make most of your POS with local language and multi-currency support

Keeping the bigger picture in mind, we have designed Pure iPOS Software for restaurants all over the world. Thus, we made sure that you can use our online POS in almost any local language as you please.

Helping you serve your guest better, you can generate the invoice and accept payment in multiple currencies as well.

multiple properties in single restaurant Point of sale

Improve efficiency for all your restaurant chains from a single location.

Using the best of cloud technology, our restaurant Point Of sale allows you to easily manage multiple outlets from a single location. Being the restaurant owner, you get to control various functions of all the locations or franchises like tracking the live status of sales, menu configuration, several reports and more, right from the dashboard.

accurate billing operations

From spilt invoice to merge charges: All about Billing Operations.

Billing operations are one of the most crucial and sensitive parts of any F&B business. It calls for utmost accuracy and perfection at every point. Using Pure iPos Online Restaurant Software, you can settle bills via multiple payment options such as cash, cheque, debit/credit card and more. Additionally, it also allows you to carry on operations like manually adding removing items and modifiers in an order, editing or exempting taxes on a bill, cancel charges, splitting or merging invoices between two tables and so much more. Adding to the advantage, the POS can be seamlessly integrated with your hotel PMS, thus you can directly post the restaurant bill to guest folio and enhance the guest experience exponentially.

detail reports for revenue management

Numerous in-depth Reports

Reporting on key metrics is a necessary component of any successful business. In order to make smart decisions, you need detailed information about all aspects of your restaurant and you shouldn’t have to spend all day doing it. Using Pure iPos Restaurant Management Software you can pull enterprise-grade reports in just a few clicks. You can get all your sales, purchases, inventory, back office reports and more through our on advanced restaurant point of sale.

Additionally, we help you save time by automating these processes and generating real-time reports in seconds that you can access from anywhere.

multiple user access control for multiple operations

Conveniently Handle User Access

We have given utmost attention security while developing the Pure iPos. Our restaurant POS software allows you to control the user access based on the departments and as per the tasks assigned. As a result, have a complete hold over the flow of information with all your crucial data safeguarded from unauthorized access and fewer discrepancies.

Additionally, the robust system tracks and logs each and every operation, thus you can easily determine which action was triggered by which user for better accountability.

view detail profile for guest

Elevate guest experience with the help of detailed Guest Profile

By keeping track of guest preferences, order history, and payment information, businesses can improve guest satisfaction and strategically customize marketing messaging. With our Restaurant Point Of Sale, guest information is securely stored in the individual guest profile and is accessible in your database for future use.

cloud based restaurant Point Of sale

Get ahead with Cloud Print Technology.

Keeping up with the emerging trends, Pure iPos restaurant software allows you to connect your POS with cloud print technology. As a result, you can now print your invoices, reports and more with any on any device in the network cloud to any printer without even installing the device drivers.

Benefits with Cloud based Pure iPOS - Restaurant Management System

Integration with PMS
24*7 Support
Realtime Sock Inventory Updates
5k+ Daily Transactions
Loyalty Program for Guests
Waiting System